Ultra Cut n' Graze

Ultra Cut n' Graze
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    • An excellent cutting and grazing ley for up to 5 years duration.Will produce top quality high yielding silage cuts. Gives the option to graze after cutting.

      • 1 Bag Sows 1 Acre.

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      • Excellent early season growth, ideal for early lambing or extended grazing of dairy cows.
      • Intensive cutting, up to three cuts per year, combined with high quality grazing. >li>Yield and persistence, combining the yield of hybrids with the quality and persistence of perennial ryegrass.

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      • A flexible, productive ley, ideal for those looking for early grass for sheep or cattle grazing, followed by two or three cuts of quality silage.
      • When cut only it will produce up to three prolific cuts of leafy, productive forage
      • The varieties in the ley have been selected for their digestibility and palatability, which ensures the maximum animal output.
      • Contains FINTONA, the highest yielding perennial ryegrass ever listed in the UK

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    • Hybrids lower temperature growth will give excellent early spring grazing. An early spring grazing can be followed by two cuts of quality silage or a cut of hay plus aftermath grazing. The ley will also produce extremely long-season productive grazing, capitalising on the early spring and late autumn growth of the hybrid ryegrasses.

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