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    • A high dry matter, high sugar blend of cane molasses, glycerine and liquid co products formulated specifically to feed sheep. The unique mix of energy sources isideal to promote healthy lamb growth and maintain ewe health.

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      • Extra energy boost from feeding sugars and glycerine
      • Ad-lib feeding reduces stress for sheep and saves time for the shepherd
      • Highly palatable and improves intake and forage digestibility
      • Balances variations in grazing/forage quantity and quality
      • Easy and convenient to store, handle and feed

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    • Sheepmol can be fed to sheep either top dressed, free access via a wheel or ball feeder, or fed as part of a mix

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    • • Dry Matter – 69.0% • Sugars – 48.0% • MER – 13.5 MJ/Kg • Litres/Tonne - 747 • Crude Protein – 7.0%

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    • Typical daily intake - 250g/head/day
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