NWF Calf Renova

NWF Calf Renova
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    • Calf Renova is an easy-to-use bolus containing a source of natural ingredients. The bolus includes abotanical extract, naturally occurring microorganisms (Direct Fed Microbials(DFMs), and yeast fermentation products. Calf Renova provides intestinal support through beneficial bacteria and plant extracts as an effective intervention for diarrhoea.


      • Contains a specifically selected hind gut DFMs (probiotic).
      • Essential Oils act as a natural antioxidant
      • Offers a natural antimicrobial effect

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    • When To Use

      • At first sign of scouring/diarrhoea or as a preventative
      • Upon receipt of incoming calves
      • To help ease the transition from colostrum to whole milk or milk replacer
      • During periods of digestive problems or immediately after
      • Directions For Use
      • Administer 1 bolus capsule per calf from 3 days of age. Repeat if needed after 24 hours.
      It is recommended if you administer a Calf Renova capsule you follow up with a dose of BlueLite® Replenishᴹ

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    • 12 per jar x 1 jars per pack

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