NWF BlueLite® Replenish

NWF BlueLite® Replenish
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    • BlueLite®  Replenish is a highly palatable liquid, buffered calf electrolyte formualted for the severly dehydrated calf.


      • Scientifically formulated for optimal osmolarity, tonicity, acidification and energy, to provide the right hydration at right giving calves the best chance to reach their genetic potential.
      • Corrects dehydration and electrolyte abnormalities (Na, K, Cl) facilitating the absoprtion of sodium
      • Produces and provide energy
      • Maintaints a low abomasal pH supporting a health digestive tract
      • Nutrient dense liquid - providing ease of supplementation with no mixing required

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    • When To Use:

      • Scouring calves – Recommended for use during all stages of scours
      • Calves slow to drink milk or signs of weakness and stress
      • Immediately after application of a Renova bolus
      Directions For Use
      • 100ml into 2 L of extra water (preferably warm) consumed daily Or add 50ml with each milk feeding twice a day (morning and evening). Repeat until calf recovers.

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    • 2 x 1.1 litre bottles per pack

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