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    • Molale provides the high palatability and energy of molasses, balanced with proteinfrom a variety of sources. Easy to handle at low temperatures and shown to help ease respiratory problems through reduction of dust. Suitable for all feeding systems

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      • Well balanced, palatable product
      • Versatile, can be used in dairy, beef and sheep diets
      • Highly rumen fermentable, stimulating rumen function and greater feed efficiency
      • Excellent source of fermentable energy to enhance microbial protein production
      • Boosts intakes of forage

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    • Molale is suitable for all classes of cattle from young calves through to adult stock.

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    • • Dry Matter – 60.0% • Sugars – 42.0% • MER – 13.2 MJ/Kg • Litres/Tonne - 790 • Crude Protein – 16.0%

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      • Dairy Cows - Normal feed rates between 1- 2KG.
      • Beef - Normal feed rates between 1-2KG.
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