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    • The ultimate high yielding high quality short term cutting

      • 1 Bag Sows 1 Acre.

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      • Designed for a mid May first cut
      • Available with clover if required
      • Barclamp has very high yields in its first season, excellent early spring growth and high crown rust resistance.
      • New variety Bannfoot produces improved yields with high D value along with excellent persistency. It also has a good all round disease profile.

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      • Will produce 10-15% more yield than Perennial ryegrass leys due to the ability to use Nutrients efficiently via its long season growth.
      • Ultra Hybrid delivers a superb silage mixture for farmers. It has a tight heading date range and excellent disease resistance offering strong silage production throughout the season

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      • A high yielding cutting ley containing 3 of the best Hybrid ryegrass varieties available.
      • Designed as an intensive cutting ley producing high quality silage for 3-5 years. It fits well into medium term rotations, is suitable for multi cut systems and AD plants.

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