Himalayan Rock Salt

Himalayan Rock Salt
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    • Salt is the first limiting mineral in all species, it is essential to promote saliva production and ensures optimal function of the digestive system.

      Animals that are deficient in salt will often be seen chewing wood or attempting to drink urine (both sources of salt). Himalayan Rock Salt offers a convenient and natural way of providing salt for your livestock.

      Large lumps of raw salt range from 5-35KGS in weight. The colour may be grey, red, brow or white depending on the source.

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    • • Sodium 40% • Potassium 1.25% • Calcium 0.13% • Magnesium 0.005%

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    • • Normally offered ‘Free Access’ in the feed trough, manger, or at grass. • Very weather resistant, so can be fed out-side without protection. • Can be fed to all species.

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    • 1T tote bags

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